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MusicNomad FRINE Fret Polish, 30 mL (MN104)

MusicNomad FRINE Fret Polish, 30 mL (MN104)

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MusicNomad's FRINE fret polish has micro-fine polishing compounds that safely and quickly remove oxidation, dirt, and oil. Restore smoothness and a mirror shine to your frets without the hassle of harsh cleaners and messy steel wool. Clean, smooth frets will not only make bending and vibrato easier, but will also prolong your string life. Oxidized, Dirty frets cause more string damage than you'd think. Look, sound, and play the best with FRINE fret polish.

Micro-fine polishing compounds to clean and shine Frets
Clean, smooth Frets will improve playability and prolong string life
Removes oxidation
Safe on all metal fret wire
Proudly Made In The USA

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